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A human skull – one of the more unusual presentation at Firhouse Veterinary clinic

One of the great things about working in a vet hosptial is that no two days are the same.You would be amazed what walks through our door every day. However last weeks presentation of a human skull even took us by surprise. A client found the skull in his garden and not wanting to raise a false alarm decided to get the vets to have a look over it first – in case it was an animal skull. Once we advised him it looked more human than animal  the garda station was next stop!

The skull has been around Dublin for some time – at least 300 years. He was discovered and kept by a family in Blackrock (who nicknamed him Yorick)  and eventually ended up forgotten about in a garden in Firhouse. When the new owner began to clear out the garden – they got a shock and decided to call the local vets for help!




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