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Book your Vet Appointments online! Firhouse Vet Clinic are introducing an online booking system this week. This will enable you to book an appointment with one of our vets through our website. Our phone lines are often very busy so it will just give you another way to get in touch especially if we are closed at the time. You will also be able to cancel or change the appointment – again just makes life a little easier.

Hopefully it will all work smoothly. Appointments are for vet visits only. If your pet requires surgery for example a neuter or a spay please call the clinic direct. Also if your pet is due to have an investigation such as an ultrasound or x-ray study again it is best to call the clinic on 014140830

It probably goes without saying but if you have an emergency again please call the clinic 01-4140830.

Not every appointment is shown online so if you need a different time, give us a shout. Finally when you are visiting the clinic can you make sure we have an e-mail address on your file. This way we will know it is you when you book online.

We are continuously making tweaks and changes to our service, hopefully to make it better and easier for you to access care for your pets. Most changes are in the background and you probably won’t notice when we get a new piece of equipment or when our vets and nurses do some additional training. This time hopefully it is something that pet owners notice when checking us out – so please use online booking and we welcome your feedback.

If you have any difficulties,issues or feedback please e-mail us screen shot to

Thank you, all the team @ Firhouse Vets.

PS. If our vet hospital is closed and your pet requires urgent care contact the Pet Emergency Hospital


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