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Can anyone recommend a good vet in Dublin?

Recently we began asking new clients how they heard about our clinic. Over 80% of them had come to our clinics because they had been reccomended by a friend, a family member – or someone they met while walking their dog in the park.

This was highlighted recently when one of our own pets got into a bit of a scrape. One of her vets was out in the park walking her dog on her lunch break (a perk of working in our clinics is you can bring your dog to work). Unfortunately her dog Mindy fell and hurt her paw. She was in obvious pain and refused to walk home. So our vet had to carry poor Mindy all the way back to the clinic. As she walked towards the clinic 3 separate dog walkers- who obviously didn’t recognise our vet  – stopped her to recommend our veterinary clinic!

Even the dogs in the street would recommend us.

…. by the way Mindy was fine!

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