Free Visit Plans

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Free Visit Plan FAQ’s

Free Visit Plan FAQ’s

What are Free Visit Plans?

Free Visit Plans designed to spread the cost of annual veterinary care. The major advantage of our plans is that unlimited vet appointments are included. You can book your pet for a free check up as often as you like – you will only pay for medications or if additional treatments are required.

What services does the 10% discount apply to?
  • Surgery
  • Dental treatment
  • X-rays
  • Ultrasound
  • Additional blood tests
  • Laboratory tests
  • Hospitalisation
  • Urine tests
Is this Pet Insurance?

No. Our Free Visit plans are a service agreement and are not intended to be a form of Pet Insurance. Many pets have both. Free visit plans cover items that Pet Insurance does not

What is the difference between Free Visit Plans and Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance is used if your pet has an accident or illness. As well as your premium, you pay an excess for each condition per year. Pet Insurance does not cover vaccinations and routine check ups. You may or may not make a claim on Pet Insurance in a 12 month period.

The Free Visit Plans are used to spread the cost of pet healthcare over 12 months. You pay a monthly fee which covers the services and products listed. You pay extra for medications or further treatments as required. All the Free Visit Plans include all consultations as well as vaccinations and an annual wellness blood screening.

Some plans include flea and worm treatment. Some plans include annual dental cleaning. Vaccinations, dental cleaning and flea and worm treatment are not covered by insurance

You will always use your pet healthcare plan in a 12 month period.

What animals qualify for free visit plans?

All breeds of cat and dog can sign up for a plan.

Are there age restrictions?

No, you can sign up dogs and cats of any age.

That all sounds great but there must be some negatives?
  • Medications are not included and must be paid for at the time of visit. Any extra treatment or tests required are not included and must be paid for at the time of visit.
  • Treatment outside of opening hours and at other clinics is not covered.
  • Home visits are not covered.
  • However we do offer a 10% discount on additional services in our clinic as part of the plan.
Can I cancel my agreement?

Yes. Contracts are for 12 months from the start date but you can cancel at any time provided that you:
(a) Give us 30 days notice in writing by e-mail and
(b) If you have received services under the plan you must pay the full retail price for services received or the balance of your plan whichever is the lesser amount.

How much are Free Visit Plans?

Prices differ for dogs and cats. There are different plans available with different benefits. If you are not sure what is best for you ask a member of staff.