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New Free Visits Plans launched at Firhouse Vets, Dublin

Firhouse Vets have launched new free visits plans:

All plans include unlimited free vet visits, includes annual vaccine visits – you pay only for medication. If your pet requires further tests or treatments such as an x-ray or surgery you get a 10% discount. We have introduced the concept over a year ago and it has proved hugely popular. The plans are great value and mean that we are seeing problem pets sooner and more often which has great health benefits. The plans give peace of mind to pet owners – who know they can get a problem checked at any time.  Paying monthly spreads the costs and means important preventative care or vaccines are never missed or delayed.

We have a number of different plans – some include year round flea and worm prevention, there is also a special care plan which includes an annual teeth clean.

Is this pet insurance?

No. Plans are not the same as pet insurance. Our plans give you free access to our vets year round but they do not cover medications or further tests and treatments. Our plans have no excess (with insurance you typically pay the first €100-150 of every claim). Insurance never covers routine vaccine visits, flea and worm prevention and dental cleaning.  Insurance also will not cover any pre-existing conditions – any problem that your pet showed any signs of before the policy was taken out is not covered. Our free visit plans do not make any exclusions based on existing conditions.

For full details of our free visit plans please go to


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