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Hospitalised Pets

When your pet is unwell and we need to admit him/her to hospital

Occasionally with very unwell pets or those who have had an accident we will want to admit them to our hospital. We know how worrying this is for pet owners.

If your pet has to stay with us, rest assured that he/she will be kept as comfortable as possible. We have separate cat and dog wards to ensure neither species gets overly stressed during their stay. Our wards are climate controlled so nobody gets too hot or cold. We use lovely soft vet beds in our kennels so pets are kept very cozy during their stay.

We have a dedicated hospital nurse looking after in patients every day ensuring all their needs are catered for. Some pets will be on intravenous fluids which means a little shaved patch on their paw after they go home.

hospitalised-pets-02Inpatients are brought outside for a short walk if they are able for it several times per day. We find the fresh air and change of environment helps the recovery process.

We feed our sick pets soft palatable food while they are with us, often coaxing them to take their first meal using reliable old chicken! Sometimes there is a protest when they go home and dry food is resumed! Our nurses and vets give each pet the time and attention they deserve until they are well enough to go home.

Our little bundle of mayhem, Scraggles became so sick recently, that it required him to be hospitalised for almost 2 weeks. We feared the worst due to his age & previous health conditions, however Nuala & the team pulled out all the stops to help him & his weird reaction to antibiotics. They tried multiple treatments until they found one he could tolerate. They let us visit him on a regular basis & even provided daily updates via phone & text. The costs were discussed with us prior to every procedure, so we knew exactly how much it was going to cost, the risks & the benefits. Needless to say thanks to Nuala & the team’s awesome work, Scraggles came home. He’s been bossier & more active than ever. Their love for their jobs & the animals involved is obvious & unlike our experience with other vets, they also care about the humans involved too! On this basis, we’d highly recommend Firhouse Veterinary Clinic.
Kim Mooney