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Visiting the Vet

What to expect when visiting the vet!

Visit the vet in DublinWe have appointments available with our three vets throughout the week until 7.30pm and on Saturdays until 4.30pm. We run by appointment where possible but emergencies will always be accommodated. For the most part we will endeavour to book a pet in as soon as we can to suit their owner.

When you visit us with your pet you will meet one of our three vets – Rebecca, Clare or Nuala. Between us we have almost twenty years experience treating pets. We will give always your pet a full examination every time we see them.

Visit vet in TallaghtIf your pet is unwell we will look after them like we would our own pets. We are all pet owners and, despite being vets, we know exactly how it feels to be worried about our little fur babies! Pet’s cant tell the vet what’s wrong, no more than they can tell their owner.

However we are used to picking up subtle signs of illness so if something doesn’t feel right at home please call the clinic to book an appointment- we’re always happy to help.

Dexter is huge black German Shepherd, who’s terrified of vets due to a bad experience as a puppy with a different veterinary clinic. When he’s afraid, he Hulks out & becomes this big intimidating monster who most people, let alone vets, back away from. Not Clare. She achieved something others have not been able to do since he was a puppy; she gave him a check up along with his booster. She also suggested that we bring him in quarterly to be weighed, to help him get over his fear & suggested other ways we could stop this behaviour. I can’t recommend Firhouse Veterinary Clinic enough, as they are so understanding of Dexter & my own fears. They are accommodating in their appointments & provide ongoing support to help us both get over our bad experiences. I’d recommend this Clinic to all animal lovers!

Noeleen Condron