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Xray and Ultrasound

What if your pet needs an X-ray or Ultrasound scan?

X-Ray of Dog Firhouse VetsWe use X-ray for a variety of reasons in veterinary medicine. Our clinic has invested in a state of the art digital X-ray. We use it to diagnose many conditions from broken bones and bladder stones to heart disease and swallowed objects!

Since moving to digital X-ray we are able to process excellent radiographs in a shorter period of time. This is good news for our patients and their owners!

Extracted Pool Ball Firhouse Vets

Utrasound Scan

We are using Utrasound more and more in veterinary medicine. Pregnancy diagnosis is one of the most common uses. However ultrasound also allows us to look at the valves of the heart in detail or the organs of the abdomen, aiding in our diagnosis.