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Why most of us get it wrong when feeding our pets!

pug: weighing scales.One of the most common questions we get asked in general practice is ‘ What should my pet weigh?’

In fact the number on the scales isn’t as important as your pet’s Body Condition Score– this is how the professionals measure whether your cat or dog needs to shed a few pounds.

There are three key things to check which can be done very easily by every pet owner at home today:

 Ribs : can you feel them? Easily? Contrary to what a lot of pet owners believe ribs should be easy to feel! No imagination should be required to feel each rib! If you’re in doubt chances are there is probably a little too much padding around them.

 Nip: when you look down at your dog or cat do you see a definite waist between their ribcage and their hips? You should! Pets should not be the same width from shoulder to hip! We don’t want to see furry coffee tables!

 Tuck: When you look at your pet from the side does their tummy tuck up behind their ribs or does it dip down. There should be definite tucking up behind the ribcage, tummies should not be the same girth as the ribcage.

So be honest with yourself when you body condition score your pet and if you think he or she is a little cuddly, chunky and all those other euphemisms for overweight, give us a call!

Book in with one of our nurses for a free weigh in and body condition score check. If your pet is overweight we will tell you. If not we’ll tell you that too and get you to keep up the good work!

What if my pet is a little pudgy?

It is not the end of the world. However being overweight does lead to health problems down the line- diabetes and cruciate ligament rupture to name but two. Believe me nobody wants these problems for their pet – life long injections or major surgery? No, not on the wish list right?

The key is to take immediate action, shed the pounds over a few months and keep them off. Exercise of course is important. However, just like us, it is possible to exercise lots but if you eat too much of the wrong thing it makes no difference!

Diet food is the weapon of choice in the war against blubber! Simply put there’s less fat and carbohydrate and more fibre in diet food. This ensures your pet feels full after their meals but still looses weight.

We are promoting pet slimming in all three clinics for the month of October with a massive 33% discount on Hills Metabolic Diet Food! This is a huge discount on a very high quality food that really does work. There is also  33% off Hills Metabolic Mobility –  a diet food that is also good for joints,  great for those arthritic dogs who so commonly struggle with their weight.

Don’t forget diet food isn’t forever, just until we reach optimum weight. Our nurses will organise regular weight checks and advise on suitable treats to feed.

It is possible to get your pet to the ideal weight and keep them there. In the long run those pets live longer healthier lives and have lots more energy so Body Condition Score your pet today!

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